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When peak performance demands five star protection specify CELL-FLEX IMPAX foam.

Engineer with CELLFLEX IMPAX—the foam in the #1 rated hockey helmet, as tested by Virginia Tech.* IMPAX shock absorbing foam technology has been utilized in protective equipment in the sporting goods industry for over twenty years.

IMPAX sheet foam material is available in a wide variety of densities, thicknesses, and colors. Imagine the protection and flexbility that it can provide in your gear for other parts of the body that experience high impact like feet, knees, ankles, wrists…you name it.

IMPAX is now available in an injection moldable version that can be formed into any shape or contour. It maintains the same level of shock absorption as our sheet product, but with the added benefit of nearly unlimited 3 dimensional design potential.**

Learn more about this incredible high performing energy management foam and how it can work for you. Contact our development team today. Technical specifications are available upon request.

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