CELL-FLEX Injection Molded Foam Products

When your product development team require 3 dimensional design our CellFlex injection molded IMPAX and EVA are the perfect solution for your needs.

Provide our company with a 3D CAD file and our engineering team can take you through a seamless transition from protype to production.

Injection molded IMPAX and EVA compounds are available in a wide array of compounds and designs. Both types of foam are...

• Available in dual density and color
• Unlimited color range
• Rapid protoype and production tools
• Closed cell
• Extremely durable outer skin with a soft core
• Hardness range of 50 – 90 shore 00
• Ability to produce complex designs
• Resistant to most chemicals
• Excellent light weight alternative to synthetic and thermoplastic rubber
• Extremely flexible

Injection IMPAX foam

• Superior shock absorption
• Density: 8-20 pound density per cubic foot density
• Hardness: range of 70-90 shore 00

Cell-Flex EVA

• EVA provides excellent cushioning
• Density 2-12 pounds per cubic foot density
• Hardness range of 50-90 shore 00

Unlike other companies that only provide injection molded EVA. DER-TEX has the unique capability to produce two distinct formulations: Cell-Flex injection EVA which provides light weight and superb cushioning properties and Cell-Flex IMPAX injection products when shock absorption and shock attenuation are required. This combination allows for unlimited product development capabilities from one company.

Applications: Automotive, Medical, Protective Padding, Sporting Goods, Recreational, Industrial, Household, Juvenile Products, Footwear

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